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PRE-ORDER | Extra Large Rug Hessian - 200 x 140cm


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Pre-order info:

Before buying this hessian, please note that this item is only available for pre-order while we await our latest stock. We will send out any pre-orders as soon as they arrive in the first week of November (02/11/20). Any other items you buy in addition to this hessian will be sent out earlier, so you do not have to wait. Thank you for your patience. 

About this product:

Our Ragged Life Rug Hessian consists of 200 x 140cm rectangle of hessian that has been hemmed (i.e. stitched and secured) on each edge to make rag rugging a doddle. No need to faff around on a sewing machine with this hessian :)

To make your rug, you simply fill the hemmed hessian in the rag rug technique of your choice (shaggy, short shaggy or loopy) and you're done! That's just how easy it is. 

We even include a "Rag Rug Instructions" Booklet with every purchase which includes practical and design tips for making your project. 

What's more, our hessian is a medium weave (10 holes per inch / 10HPI), so it's perfect for both beginner and expert rag ruggers to use with a rug hook, latch hook or spring tool. This is the exact same hessian used to make all our Ragged Life projects so you can rest assured that you're buying what the experts use. 

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