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Rag Rug Wreath Kit

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Before choosing your first Ragged Life Rag Rug Kit, you may want to read our handy guide explaining the differences between all our great kits over on the Ragged Life Blog here
A rag rug wreath is a lovely project to embark on in the lead up to Christmas. It's sure to get you into the festive spirit! Like our other rag rug kits, our Rag Rug Wreath Kit has all the tools to get you started, including: 
Latch Hook (the main tool we use for both the rag rugging techniques).
Hemmed Wreath Hessian (with a traditional flower design marked on) 
- Rigid Wreath Mount (to help your wreath keep it's shape when assembled)
Wooden Cutting Gauge (a time- and effort-saving tool to make cutting up your fabric pieces that little bit easier. Ours has a wide, deep groove to prevent your fabric scissors getting blunted)
Instructional DVD (with an intro to the equipment, tips on how to prepare the fabric and " how to" videos for both rag rugging techniques - shaggy & loopy)
- Instruction Booklet (With easy to follow step by step instructions & photos)
Wreath Booklet (with the pattern for our traditional rag rug wreath and instructions on how to assemble your wreath once it's rag rugged)
Marker Pen (for sketching your design onto the hessian if you want to) 
Please note that this kit does not include fabric. We believe that one of the joys of rag rugging is in using up old clothing and offcuts that you have lying around (it's great for making you reevaluate your wardrobe). You can use any fabric to rag rug with (jersey, cotton, lycra, velvet, fleece etc...) but we recommend that beginners start with thinner fabrics such t-shirt material and cotton. 
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