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Icy Blue Rag Rug Wreath

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This icy blue rag rug wreath is perfect for those looking for a change from the festive reds and greens that pop up around Christmas. Here's what sets our wreaths apart from the rest, they are:

- Handmade in Hertfordshire using rags sourced sustainably from local charity shops.

- Entirely unique - no two wreaths use the same materials and you won't find these designs anywhere else!

- Incredibly sturdy as we use a foam board base that helps them to retain their shape. 

- Easy to hang as they have a hessian loop attached at the top. 

This wreath is suitable for hanging indoors or in a covered spaces (door porches work very well).

For other variations please check out our other items or if you fancy making your own wreath check out our Rag Rug Wreath Kit. 

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